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David Capella

Data Engineer

Python Operators

Calculate and display (print, not return) the rounded cost of a meal with tip and tax.



def solve(meal_cost, tip_percent, tax_percent):

Set up

round(meal_cost + () + ())

Second Layer

round(meal_cost + (meal_cost*tip_percent) + (meal_cost*tax_percent))

Change Whole Numbers Into Percent

round(meal_cost + (meal_cost*(tip_percent/100)) + (meal_cost*(tax_percent/100)))

Final Code

def solve(meal_cost, tip_percent, tax_percent):
  """Calculate and display the rounded cost of a meal with tip and tax."""
  cost = round(meal_cost + (meal_cost*(tip_percent/100)) + (meal_cost*(tax_percent/100)))


Mostly I had to realize exactly what was being asked. I am used to returning on functions that I might have forgotten sometimes a return is not neccessary when all you want is it displayed.